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2016 Steward Schools
October 30, 2016
(Same weekend as Judges School) 10:00am - 5:00pm
Location TBA
Oklahoma City, OK
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Stewarding Privileges
Designation as an NRHA approved Steward is a privilege not a right, bestowed by the NRHA Board of Directors, according to procedures formulated by the NRHA. The privilege shall be open to individuals whose experience and expertise, as well as personal character, merits the honor. An individual's conduct as a member, exhibitor and steward and his/her ability must be exemplary. An individual's conduct will be subjected to continuous review.

Approval and Testing:
  1. Applicant must be at least 25 years of age and must have been an NRHA General member in good standing for at least one calendar year immediately preceding application before he/she can be considered for approval.
  2. Prospective Stewards must attend an NRHA Steward School and upon passing the testing requirements as set forth by NRHA those persons will then have their names submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration for Steward Privileges.
  3. Prospective stewards who have at least one year's previous stewarding experience with an NRHA Alliance organization, National Federation or FEI, may be exempt from the membership requirement and/or the letters of recommendation and will be handled on a case by case basis.
  4. All licensed NRHA Stewards must submit to re-testing every two (2) years.
  5. Level AA shows will be required to have a licensed Show Steward.

  1. Stewards should remain available to judges, exhibitors and management at all times to clarify the application of NRHA rules and investigate any situation where the rules are not upheld, but do not have the authority to override decisions made by management or judges.
  2. Stewards should represent all contestants and should be the liaison with said management or judge(s).
  3. Stewards shall conduct themselves in a manner fitting and proper to one afforded the honor of officiating at an NRHA approved or sponsored event. Any misconduct on the part of the Steward at any NRHA event such as drinking while on duty, the use of abusive language, or any other action unbecoming to one in his/her position either on the grounds or elsewhere during the duration of the show will make him/her subject to a complete and impartial hearing on the cause of the complaint before the appropriate committee or body.
  4. A Steward who undertakes the obligation to officiate at an NRHA sanctioned event is responsible to fulfill that commitment. Should he/she be unable to officiate for any reason, he/she is required to arrange for a suitable, qualified replacement. Stewards are also required to notify the NRHA Office of said change, failure to do so for any reason may result in immediate suspension of Stewarding License.
  5. If an emergency should arise that requires the Show Steward to leave the grounds he/she should appoint a qualified substitute to fulfill the Show Steward duties in his/her absence. Qualified persons include Licensed Show Stewards, NRHA Judges or Certified Show Secretaries not employed at that show.
  6. An NRHA Show Steward should clearly understand that he/she has no authority in connection with the management or the judging of a competition but should be consulted when interpretation of NRHA rules are in question. He/she should immediately report to the appropriate officials any violations of the rules which might impact the show.
  7. Stewards shall not be an exhibitor at any approved event or combination of events at which he/she is the officiating steward or member of the officiating team.
  8. Stewards must always act in the best interest of the NRHA avoiding any circumstances which create a conflict of interest while officiating at any NRHA approved event. Conflicts of interest are subject to review by the NRHA. In the event it is determined that a steward has acted in an official capacity with a conflict of interest, the steward may be removed from the NRHA Licensed Steward list and may be subject to further disciplinary action for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  9. Stewards shall keep in mind that while officiating they are representing the NRHA. It is strongly recommended that stewards dress appropriately so as to favorably represent their position.
  10. Stewards cannot be immediate family of the exhibitors, show management, show secretary or judges at the same competition and may not judge or be a member of show management at the show they are stewarding.

Duties of the Show Steward include but are not limited to:

  • Protect the interests of the exhibitors, judges and show management and the welfare of the horses.
  • The show Steward must represent all contestants with the show management and judge(s) and will be the sole liaison with said management or judge(s).
  • To immediately investigate and act upon any alleged rule violations.
  • To immediately report to the show management any misrepresentation or substitution of entry.
  • To verify that NRHA rules are followed when changes to the draw are allowed by show management or judges.
  • To report to the show management and NRHA any offense or violation of the rules and prefer charges against violators if the violation is not properly handled by the show management.
  • To furnish the NRHA with a complete written report as to the conduct of the competition including any offenses or violations of the rules by the competition or any exhibitors within fifteen (15) days after the last recognized day of the competition, on the form furnished by the NRHA. If NRHA does not receive the completed report and/or attachments postmarked or electronically submitted within fifteen (15) days of the closing competition the Steward shall receive a letter of reprimand upon the first offense, a second offense in the same competition year will result in the said Steward will receiving a fine of $100 and a third offense in the same competition year will result in automatic revocation of Steward License until said Steward reapplies and completes the testing requirements for Steward School. If the Steward disputes that the report was not timely filed he/she may appeal in writing to the NRHA within 30 days of receipt of notification letter from the NRHA.
  • To make routine inspections of the arena and stable areas and to insure that these areas are maintained in a safe manner for the horses, exhibitors and spectators.
  • To insure that the Show Steward's contact information is made available to spectators during the competition.
  • The Show Steward should be knowledgeable of accepted reining schooling practices and should take necessary action should he/she witness or be made aware of misconduct or abuse on the show grounds. The Show Steward must report if he/she observes any horse being abused or if there are actions by the contestant detrimental to the best interest of the NRHA; loud profane language, drunkenness or being under the influence of intoxicants; any unsportsmanlike conduct toward judges, show management or other exhibitors; or any other infraction of NRHA rules.
  • Report to the NRHA details of accidents and/or injuries relating to both humans and horses on the official Accident/Injury Report Form provided by the NRHA. In the event of a fatality the NRHA should be notified as soon as possible no later than the next NRHA business day.
  • Stewards are required to report no score situations and details of the no score in the official Show Steward Report.
  • Stewards must report to the NRHA any rider who shows without an exhibitor number or uses the incorrect exhibitor number in the official Show Steward Report.
  • Stewards must retain copies of steward report forms and supporting documentation for a period of one year.
  • If more than 12 hours per day of stewarding will be required, show management should hire multiple Show Stewards and the Show Steward will be required to report any work over 12 hours to the NRHA.