Corporate Partner - Trail Guard

Official Roadside Assistance Program

Trailguard was founded with one mission in mind - guarding you as you travel down life's trails. Trailguard is a premium provider of roadside and travel assistance benefits, specializing in assisting those who pull trailers and haul horses and livestock. Trailguard is operated by a team of people, who have experience hauling horses and livestock. Our team understands the complexity and the urgency of our members’ needs when stranded - especially with a trailer and animals.

Unfortunately, you can never predict where you might be, or your circumstances at the time of an emergency. But you can be prepared. No matter where you are, Trailguard is available 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Trailguard provides vital time saving services, and protects its members from catastrophic financial loss - while assisting members and their families with the many related problems that often arise in an emergency